Take control of your financial future and discover what makes a Self-Directed IRA different.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Preferred Trust as your custodian for your IRA.

  • Safety and Security – Preferred Trust is a state regulated company.
  • Experience – 14 years of experience specializing in self-directed IRAs that hold alternative assets.
  • Strength – Thousands of clients in all 50 states with hundreds of millions in retirement assets under administration.
  • Investment Freedom – At Preferred Trust you can use your self-directed IRA to invest in real estate, private placements, notes/deed of trust, tax liens, and much more.
  • Personalized Service – All our staff members are fully trained as self-directed IRA specialists.
  • Value – Preferred Trust fees are all inclusive and clearly define what you should expect for what you are paying for.


Company Snapshot

Preferred Trust facilitates both custodial and administrator roles as a licensed trust company. Our top priority is providing outstanding service to our clients nationwide. For us, customer service starts with educating individuals and small businesses on the available investment options to maximize their IRA. Formed in 2007, our mission remains the same:  Provide individuals the opportunity to break down the barriers of traditional investing in an IRA. We endeavor to educate clients about their ability to invest in alternative assets through their IRA to provide tax-advantage retirement growth. This wealth-building education enables clients to expand their knowledge and complete transactions with ease.


Our Values


Whether opening a new IRA account or transferring funds from a former employer 401K plan, establishing a self-directed IRA is quick and easy. With Preferred Trust, it takes only minutes to open your retirement account online. Once the account is opened, you may access it day or night.

Full Transparency Means Full Peace of Mind

Preferred Trust offers the most competitive fees and full explanations right up front. No hidden fees. Ever.

With Preferred Trust, you can review your retirement account at your leisure, day or night. So you always know what’s going on with your self-directed IRA.

Get on the Fast Track to Opportunity

The market moves fast. Capitalizing on retirement investment opportunities often hinges on precise timing and having the right IRA custodian in your corner. That’s why Preferred Trust is fully staffed with service agents ready to facilitate prompt funding for your investment account. In addition, we’ve implemented many website features ensure the most seamless transactions possible. This empowers account owners to maximize the profit potential of all their retirement investments.

The Preferred Trust Team

The Preferred Trust team is dedicated to providing personalized service to each of our clients. Our team members are cross-trained and work as one unit to provide prompt assistance whether you are opening an account, transferring funds from a qualified plan, making your first or 10th investment, requesting an invoice be paid on your rental property, or requesting a distribution, we are always here to assist.

Customer Service Team

Our Customer Service Team specializes in assisting clients with general account inquires. They’re experts at answering questions concerning retirement account balances, initiating investments, our fee structure, establishing online account access, and account updates. Consider them your go-to people for quick service with a smile.

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Transfers Team

After initiating enrollment in an IRA account, our Transfers team works hand-in-hand with you to seamlessly transfer funds from your prior institution to us. They’re impeccably diligent about expediting funds transfers so you can put your retirement investments right to work! The team can also set up recurring monthly contributions to ensure steady growth for your investment accounts.

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Investment Team

Alternative Investments provide abundant retirement investment options. With your IRA account, you CONTROL investment type, terms, and rate of return. Our Investment Team assists with processing all client initiated investments to ensure funds are fully qualified. As your trusted IRA custodian, we obtain the proper paperwork and facilitate processing to integrate your investment choice with your IRA, per applicable government regulations. Some investments may include real property, trust deeds, and precious metals.

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Accounting Team

Our Accounting team processes all IRA payments, contributions, distributions, account statements, and documentation. Since the IRA owns your investments, all associated expenses and income must be appropriately applied within your account.

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Marketing Team

Why should you open a Self-Directed IRA? How does control over your retirement account provide you with opportunities for greater wealth? Do you have a former employer 401K plan? Ask our Marketing Team how easy it is to self-direct your retirement portfolio. These experienced professionals will show you how easy it is to get started. They’ll also show you how alternative investments can reduce your exposure to the stock market and provide an entry into real estate, precious metals, or other alternative investments.

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