How Your Retirement is Losing You Money

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Saving up for your golden years is an important investment you should be proud of. You’ve worked hard, and you’ve saved, all the while depositing in your retirement account. What you may not realize is that your retirement is losing you money. Depositing your hard earned dollars in a self-direct IRA is the best way to gain control of your retirement finances and generate long term wealth for you and your family.

Since the individual retirement account (IRA) was created in 1974 the intent was and still is to provide individualized options to meet your needs. A self-directed IRA offers the owner investment opportunities for retirement savings other than stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Often the least publicized form of an individual retirement account, self-direct IRAs have been known to be misrepresented as being illegal, which is simply not true. Most establishments that are custodians for IRAs only allow the traditional investment choices, which is why some of them haven’t even heard of the self-direct option.

Trusting your account custodian or broker is crucial to feeling secure in your financial investments. What you may not know about your Roth, Traditional, or Rollover IRA is that there is a very limited range of investment options available to you. Self-directing your IRA investments offers flexibility to invest in opportunities such as limited partnerships, real estate, precious metals, private company stock, and intellectual property.

In addition to the wider range of investment choices, self-direct IRA owners receive tremendous benefits such as tax free profits from investment choices or tax deferred growth on compounded interest. You also have the choice to invest as little or as much as you like in order to manage your returns, non-invested funds continue to accrue compounded interest. When you take control of your retirement investments, and open a self-direct IRA, you take back the reins of your future.

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