Welcome to Preferred Trust Company, a Eckard company partner. You have been brought to this page because you would like to fund your investment at Eckard with qualified funds. To get started you will need to open a Self-Directed IRA to make your investment.

There are a few options for you listed below. Keep in mind you must fund your account with Preferred Trust Company by transferring qualified funds from either a previous 401k (not currently employed), and/or a current IRA held at a traditional bank/broker. i.e. TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Schwab, E-Trade etc.

Application Kits

The application can be completed online via our fully automated, secure, encrypted form.

Once the application has been submitted, Preferred Trust Company will review the application within two business days and follow up with the client as needed.

Traditional IRA


Roth IRA

Transfer or Conversion Form

Please fill out the form below when your account is opened at Preferred Trust Company and you are ready to invest with Eckard.


After completing the Transfer and Conversion Form, you will need to print and physically sign the document. The completed and signed form can be scanned and emailed to jtyner@ptcemail.com or faxed to (702) 946-0136, with “Attention: Marketing”.

Investment Forms

Investment Authorization & Direction Form


Fee Schedule

For your convenience you can download the fee schedule below.


Schedule a Free Consultation with Preferred Trust

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Need further assistance?

Please contact Jordan Tyner at 702.852.1653 or email her at jtyner@ptcemail.com.