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Simply choose the form you’d like to fill out from the list below.  Each form is able to be completed in up to 3 of the following formats:


Download the form to your computer as a PDF document. From there, you can open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat and fill it out on your computer.  Once the form is completed, you can email the form to us, or print it out and mail it to our offices.  Forms that require a wet signature must be printed and mailed.


This option means the form is available as an online webform; no downloading or PDF required. Once you’ve completed filling out the form and uploading the required, scanned documents, you simply press the submit button and we receive your form instantly.  The information you provide to us is transmitted securely via a SHA-256, 2048 bit encrypted SSL certificate.


If you’re already a Preferred Trust account holder, and have been E-Sign Verified, you can fill out AND “Electronically-Sign” (or E-Sign) any of the Account Maintenance & Transaction Forms below.
Already an account holder but not yet E-Sign Verified? Click here to download the application form now!
Don’t have an account with Preferred Trust?  Select one of the 4 Application Kits below and open an account today!

Application Kits


Self-Directed Traditional IRA

Enables you to fund your tax deferred (funded with pre-tax dollars) account either by making a retirement account contribution or by transferring funds from an existing plan, such as a 401k, pension plan, or another traditional IRA.


Self-Directed Roth IRA

IRA option that allows you to fund with after-tax dollars that grow tax-free. Qualified distributions are also tax-free. Investors may set aside after-tax income up to a specified amount each year.


Self-Directed SEP

(Simplified Employee Pension) IRA

Eliminates the setup and operating costs of a conventional retirement plan. Investors may contribute up to 25% of their employee pay.


Self-Directed SIMPLE

Savings Incentive Match Plan for Small Businesses and the Employees IRA

Small business retirement plans allow for up to 3% matching contributions annually.


Trust Administration

Client Agreement for Trust/Custodial Administration

Establish a Trust with the option of Preferred Trust Company acting in the capacity of Trustee and/or Custodian.

Become E-Sign Verified


Become E-Sign Verified

Want to avoid having to print, sign and mail in your account forms in the future?  By becoming E-Sign Verified, you can fill out AND “Electronically-Sign” (or E-Sign) any of the Account Maintenance & Transaction Forms below.

If you are already an account holder with Preferred Trust, simply complete the E-Sign Verification form and mail it in.

If you are not currently an account holder with Preferred Trust, please select one of the 3 Application Kits above and open an account today!


Fee Schedule


Preferred Trust Company fee schedule.

Account Holder Forms

Account Maintenance Forms

Transfer or Conversion Form

Designate process for funds transfer or conversion from established IRA or former employer 401K

Change of Information Form

Update account information

Account Owner Information Request Form

All information requests must be submitted in writing

Designation or Change of Beneficiary Form

Select or change current beneficiary of traditional, ROTH or SEP IRA

Interested Party Designation Form

Provide permission for entity to receive account information

Fair Market Valuation (FMV) Form

The Fair Market Valuation is used to assign or change the value of an asset. Informational guide included with form download.

Account Closure Form

Outline account closure desire and details

Account Transaction Forms

Contribution Form

Setup recurring or single contributions to IRA account

Investment Authorization & Direction Form

Initial investment request form to process account investments

Investment Authorization & Direction Form | Promissory Note Only

Initial investment request form to process account investments with promissory notes

Investment Authorization & Direction Form | Brokerage Account Only

Precious Metals Investment Authorization Form

Investment request form for precious metal investments

Inherited IRA Beneficiary Options Election Form

Identify inherited IRA beneficiary to elect how the account will be managed posthumous.

IRA Distribution Form

Identify IRA distribution reason, method and form. Use a RMD Worksheet to determine Required Minimum Distribution values.

Roth Conversion Form

Elect to convert a tax-deferred IRA account to a Roth IRA account. There is no penalty for a Roth IRA conversion but, it is a taxable event.

Investment Expense Authorization Form

Processing request for investment expense payment

Monthly Recurring Investment Expense Authorization Form

Direct recurring payment of investment expense

Fluctuating Monthly Recurring Investment Expense Authorization Form

Direct recurring payment of fluctuating monthly investment expenses