Welcome to Preferred Trust Company, an SWP company partner. We are proud to partner with Select Wealth Preservation so that you can achieve your retirement goals through investments in precious metals. You have been brought to this page because you are seeking a Self-Directed Custodian that can custody precious metals investments.

Application Kits

Your application can be completed online through our secure and encrypted process. This process will allow you to complete the application within a few minutes and receive a fully executed version to your email for your records.

Preferred Trust Company recognizes that online applications can be overwhelming if you do not have all the necessary information at your fingertips. For this reason, we also offer a PDF version of the application to be completed at your leisure.

Once the application has been submitted, Preferred Trust Company will review the application within two business days and follow up with you directly with an introductory call.

Traditional IRA


Roth IRA


Transfer or Conversion Form

After completing the Transfer or Conversion From, you will need to print and physically sign the document. The completed and signed form can be scanned and emailed to info@ptcemail.com or faxed to (702) 946-0136 to “Attention: Client Services”.

To minimize delays in the transferring of funds, Preferred Trust Company recommends providing a copy of the current statement for the account you will be transferring funds from to confirm all information completed on the Transfer of Conversion Form is accurate.

Transfer or Conversion Form


Fee Schedule

Investment Forms

Once your account is open and funded, you can proceed with your investment. You will need to complete an Investment Authorization and Direction form.

Precious Metals Purchase Investment Authorization & Direction Form


Precious Metals Sell Investment Authorization & Direction Form


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