Are you ready to fund your investment using your retirement funds?

You will discover all the resources you need right here to initiate the process of establishing your Self-Directed IRA (SD IRA). If you prefer to start this journey independently, the following steps will lead you through the process. Alternatively, if you would like assistance from our Client Service Team, simply pause at step one and arrange a consultation with one of our team members.

Speak to an IRA Specialist


If you’re confident in your ability to begin without assistance, proceed to step two. There, you will choose the type of  SD IRA account you would like and complete the application.

Select and complete the online application for your preferred account type. Your personal information stays safe and secure with our encrypted digital forms.

In preparation of completing the application you will need the following information readily available: information from your government issued photo ID, your beneficiary contact info, DOB, SSN, and share percentage, and your bank account and routing number if you elect automatic contributions.


The next step in the process involves transferring funds into your SD IRA. You have the option to proceed with that step independently, or a member of our Client Service Team will be in touch with you within two business days.

To transfer funds from another IRA to Preferred Trust, complete the form below. Transfer requests require a physical signature, electronic signatures are not acceptable. To expedite processing, please print and sign the form and return it to Preferred Trust via email to


If you have another qualified plan, such as a 401K, you must reach out to Preferred Trust to precede with funding your account.

Once you’ve been notified by Preferred Trust that your funds have been received and your account is open and funded, you can proceed to step four. You have the choice to continue independently, or a member of our Investment Team will contact you to facilitate the funding of your investment.

Direct transactions to and from your SD IRA by using the form below.

E-SIGN - Investment Authorization & Direction Form

Congratulations! You have taken a step toward financial independence by using your retirement funds to invest in alternatives. Don’t forget to use the online portal to access your account to monitor your investment(s) and transactions.

Need Assistance?

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