Payment Options for IRA Administration Fee

Thank you for choosing Preferred Trust as your self-directed IRA custodian. Your Annual IRA Administration fee is assessed once per year. This fee is now due. 

You have four available payment options:

Option One:

Credit Card Payment or Bank Deduction

Securely pay your Administration Fee by using your credit card or authorizing a direct withdrawal from your bank account.

For credit card payments or bank deductions, complete the E-Sign Optional Payment Instructions Form.

E-Sign Optional Payment Instructions Form

Option Two:

Make a Contribution

To make a contribution to your IRA, complete the E-Sign Contribution Form below.

E-Sign Contribution Form

Option Three:

Transfer Funds

To transfer funds from another IRA to Preferred Trust, complete the Transfer or Conversion Form.

Transfer requests require a physical signature, electronic signatures are not acceptable. Please print and sign the form and return it to Preferred Trust via email to Transfer requests are processed within two business days and funds can take up to two weeks to receive from your current custodian.

Transfer or Conversion Form

Option Four:

Sell a Portion of Your Precious Metals

To begin the sale process, please contact your precious metals dealer to negotiate the sale price. They will help you complete the necessary forms that will be provided to Preferred Trust to complete the sale. The process to sell your precious metals will take a few weeks so plan accordingly and initiate the process before the payment deadline.

Have Questions About the Payment Options?

For guidance paying your annual IRA Administration Fee, please contact our Accounting Team by calling 888-990-7892 (Option 5), emailing, or by scheduling a consultation.