Precious Metal Shipping/Storage Fees (Cannot Be Paid with Personal Funds)


Precious metals in a Qualified Retirement Plan are stored at a third-party Depository. Preferred Trust Company will establish a sub-account under the IRA account owner name for the storage of precious metals at the Depository.

Upon the initial purchase of precious metals and every year thereafter the Annual Depository Fee will be due. Each year after the account is opened the Annual Depository Fee is collected in January and deducted from your IRA when billed by the Depository. If the fee amount is not available in your IRA to be allocated to the Annual Depository Fee then an invoice will be mailed/emailed to the address on file in December of each year to be paid by January 15. The Annual Depository Fee associated with the storage of your metals is considered an expense related to the investment and must be paid directly from your IRA.

The Annual Depository Fee can only paid by funds in your IRA at Preferred Trust Company, transferring funds from another Qualified Retirement Account to your IRA at Preferred Trust Company, making a contribution to the IRA account, or selling precious metals.

If you need to make a contribution to pay this fee, you can go to the Account Forms to fill out the Automatic Contributions form. IRA contribution limits still apply.