Thank you for your interest in becoming a resource on the Preferred Trust website.

To begin this process, please download and complete the following forms:


Submit these forms to Preferred Trust by:

6700 Via Austi Parkway, Suite 301
Las Vegas, NV 89119


Once we have received these signed forms Preferred Trust will begin the resource process.

The Process

Due Diligence

Preferred Trust will conduct a surface level due diligence including:

  • Initial conversation with resource representative for understanding on bringing the benefits of Preferred Trust to your clients and introducing your business to our clients.
    • During this initial conversation it will be determined the level of involvement between the resource and Preferred Trust, to include, but not limited to; inclusion on resource page, dedicated landing page, co-host webinar or educational seminar, topic inclusion on email blast, etc.
  • Provide company name, address, website, contact person name and email.
  • Preferred Trust will verify the company is in good standing with the applicable Secretary of State.
  • Preferred Trust will verify there are no complaints filed with Better Business Bureau and/or regulatory agencies.
  • Preferred Trust prefers that a resource have been in business for greater than five (5) years to illustrate stability.
    • Investment product will be evaluated based on the parent company.
  • Preferred Trust at its discretion may require supporting documentation if it is deems necessary to make a decision. Information may include, but is not limited to; investment track record, sample investment documentation, statistical information (number of clients and/or employees), references, etc.


Upon acceptance of inclusion on the Preferred Trust resource page the following information must be provided by the association, resource, or alternative investment:

  • JPG company logo (300 dpi or greater)
  • 120 word company description
  • Website link to be used on resource page

Annual Renewal

Each year, Preferred Trust will conduct the above described due diligence to determine the continuance of the visibility on the Preferred Trust resource page.