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We’ve been working with Preferred Trust for about one year and their professionalism, patience and understanding of the business has been critical to our ability to pursue our real estate business. The customer service is superb. All inquiries and requests are acted upon immediately.

Glover C.

I transferred my corporate 401K account to a Preferred Trust Traditional Self-Directed IRA in late 2010. As a 20 year investment professional, I decided to manage my own IRA portfolio & to invest in some alternative investments. The expertise in processing and administering my transactions has been excellent.

Joe P.

Both my IRA and my wife’s IRA simply were not growing at the rates we needed in order to meet our retirement goals. Over the last year we’ve invested in trust deeds through Preferred Trust and the interest is sent to our IRAs like clockwork every single month at a 11% rate. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Doug & Mary L.

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Homes, Mortgage Notes, Etc.

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Avoid Inflation and Invest in Gold, Silver

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Startups, Partnerships, Businesses

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