Shasta Power SDIRA Partner – Preferred Trust

Ready to fund your Shasta Power investment with retirement funds?  Use the links below to learn more, get started, or open an account.

New to Self-Directed IRAs?

Additional SDIRA Information

Need help to decide whether a self-directed IRA is right for you?

Why Choose a Self-Directed IRA? 

IRA Account Comparison Chart

Step 1:  Select IRA Type & Review Fees

Need help choosing the right IRA type for you?

We’re here to help. Schedule a free consultation with an IRA expert, Monday- Friday from 8am-4pm PST.


Fee Schedule

Fees cover the costs of managing your IRA, maintaining account records, and annual compliance reporting.

Our clients appreciate our approach to fees, which includes full transparency and up-front disclosure.


Step 2: Open Your IRA Account

Complete Account Application

Select and complete the online application for your preferred account type. Your personal information stays safe and secure with our encrypted digital forms.

You’ll need the following information to complete your application:

  • A valid, government-issued photo ID
  • Your beneficiary information (contact info, SSN,  distribution percentage)
  • A voided check (for automatic contribution set up)

If you would like your Shasta Power representative to have access to your IRA account information, be sure to complete section 6.

We’ll will review your submitted application and follow up within two business days.

Traditional IRA


Roth IRA


Need help with your application?

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Step 3: Transfer or Convert Funds

Initiate a Transfer or Conversion

To convert funds from a qualified retirement plan or to transfer funds from another IRA to your Preferred Trust account, use the form below.

Transfers and conversions require a physical signature. For fastest processing,  please print and sign the form, then scan and email to


Step 4: Complete Your Investment

Direct a Transaction From Your IRA Account

To direct transactions to and from your self-directed IRA, use the form below.

E-SIGN - Investment Direction & Authorization Form Printable PDF - Investment Direction & Authorization Form