As 11 year small business owners, my wife and I provided company sponsored employee 401 K and Defined Benefits programs. From 2008 until 2013 we were satisfied with minimal growth, tax benefits, and overall decent performance with our former financial advisor.  Once that advisor moved from one investment firm to another, we were not satisfied with the direction and ideals presented.

After paying fully vested employees their retirement benefits, my wife and I took our 401 K and Company Defined Benefits savings and opened individual accounts at Preferred Trust Company.

Being familiar with self directed IRA, had no clue what companies would best suit our needs. I personally sought out 8 self directed IRA firms, until our tax attorney mentioned “Many of our clients work with Preferred Trust Company and are quite pleased”.

Preferred Trust customer service team has far exceeded our expectations. The online client portal, responsiveness to our requests, and always directing us to assure proper IRS compliance, prove we made a wise decision.

Preferred Trust Company has given my wife and I complete confidence in protecting our hard earned retirement funds.

– Dean & Diana S.

I transferred my corporate 401K account to a Preferred Trust Traditional Self-Directed IRA in late 2010. As a 20 year investment professional, I decided to manage my own IRA portfolio & to invest in some alternative investments. Since March of 2011, I have invested in 10 real estate related opportunities.  Given the potentially complex nature of real estate transactions, I had anticipated a rather labor intensive participation, on my part, in implementing these transaction. However my expectations have been more than exceeded by the assistance of the PTC team. Their expertise in processing and administering these transactions has been excellent.

The single most impressive, and helpful, aspect in working with Preferred Trust has been its professional staff. They are very knowledgeable, provide great communication and provide world class client service.

– Joe P.

We’ve been working with Preferred Trust for several years and their professionalism, patience and understanding of the business has been critical to our ability to pursue our real estate business. The customer service is superb. All inquiries and requests are acted upon immediately. During this past year, we have had to complete more paperwork than we could ever image and it was truly a blessing to have the staff at Preferred Trust with us ready, willing and able to assist. I would without a doubt encourage anyone interested in investing in real estate through their IRA to consider Preferred Trust as a business partner.

– Glover C.

Having our money with Preferred Trust just makes sense. We can use it for purchasing Real Estate without the hassle we always got from our former custodian company. The people we have dealt with have been extremely friendly, polite and helpful. The service agents have held our hand through our learning process as new investors and they are always there for us. We consider Preferred Trust to be a very professional, honest and trustworthy company. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

– Greg and Judy H.

When we started in the real state business it was totally different than other jobs/businesses we had been evolved in. We were deluged by a massive amount of new information and what really helped are the people from Preferred Trust.  When questions arise and answers are needed Preferred Trust comes through with flying colors. I know I will not only get a call or email quickly to a question, (not the case with other people/companies we are working with) but that the information will be accurate! I feel very strongly in saying that our self directed IRAs are in the very best of care.

Thank you to all those at Preferred Trust for your efforts and professionalism in watching over our interests your help has very much been appreciated

– Kevin B. & Theresa C.

I have an IRA account with Preferred Trust and I would like to share with you an extraordinary client service I experienced.

I funded a house flip/rehab project with funds from my IRA account. The project unfortunately ran out of funds due to problems with the contractor and we had to secure additional funding from a third party to continue the rehab. I received the Subordination Agreement this afternoon from the law office/escrow firm to be signed and notarized by Preferred Trust. I had been in frantic mode the whole day trying to help the developer with the documentation.  There is very little time left to complete the documents and get the funds released and the staff at Preferred Trust did their very best to help.  She replied to my email in a minute, suggested that I sign and approve it electronically and assured me it will be signed by her supervisors and get notarized immediately. She had this all done with lightning speed!

This is not the first time Preferred Trust had amazed me. Last year, they helped me tremendously with my initial investments. They are ever willing to help and help graciously with a kind voice and assuring words even though I was emailing and calling  frequently. I’m writing because beautiful client experiences like this should be shared and told and it is the least I can do to show how much I appreciate Preferred Trust.

– Charito B.

“My experience with Preferred  Trust Company has been excellent…The staff is knowledgeable, well-trained, and thoroughly familiar with the computer processes required..  All of my questions were answered quickly and correctly. I look forward to working with them in the near-term and in the future.”

– James C.