“I did the research and I decided to transfer my low yielding traditional IRA to a riskier, but potentially more profitable, crypto IRA. Preferred Trust Company made it easy. They took care of everything. It can be awkward telling someone who’s handled your money for years, “I’m taking my business and my MONEY elsewhere.” I didn’t have to AND all of the “paperwork” was handled electronically, quickly, and accurately. The website is easy to navigate. It’s easy to see how my money is being used. They have reached out to me by phone and email to follow up. I couldn’t be happier!”
– David W.  |  BBB  | 12.11.19

“I started with Preferred Trust in July of 2014. I found everyone there very helpful. From the time I bought my Florida Homes to the time I sold. Their offfice was always on top of things. Paper work was smooth and closing for me was a breeze. After selling my homes I knew I needed to reinvest. Their office called me and asked me if I was interested in other investments. I said yes and we spoke about what I was interested in. I received a call the very next day, learned quite a bite about my new investment. So far Preferred Trust has gone beyond the call for me. I will positively use them and refer my friends and family to them. By the way, I am very happy thus far with my investment outcome.”

– Monica G.  |  BBB  |  6.12.18

“I’ve done business with Preferred Trust for almost 8 years. I’ve also done business with other companies that promote self directed plans. This year I’m consolidating everything and moving everything to PTC. They are by far the most knowledgeable and the most helpful in executing transactions.”
– Brian E.  | BBB  | 8.7.19

“My sister and I have been with Preferred Trust Company for several years and have enjoyed the experience. They are professional, personable, knowledgeable, and most importantly responsive. They have helped us through many issues and have been quite patient through it all. Stephanie has been so pleasant to work with, and her follow through and attention to detail has been impeccable. Preferred Trust goes above and beyond and for that we are grateful. Thanks for all you do!”

– Frank B.  | BBB  | 5.15.19

“We have referred a number of our clients to Preferred Trust Company. They are professional and always take good care of our clients throughout the process. We will continue to recommend our clients to them.”

– Mark Y.  | Google  |  January 2020

“My account was originally with another trust company located in California. A number of years ago when the state of Nevada required my SEP IRA account to be administered by a Nevada Trust company I chose Preferred Trust. Of course I was initially concerned that I would have difficulties dealing with a new trust company and possibly not get the level of service that I wanted.

I must say that Preferred Trust has exceeded my expectations. They absolutely excel at customer service. They have made the administration of my SEP IRA, with an LLC within it, a pleasurable and efficient asset.

It’s been about 1/2 year since I did my first review and wanted to reiterate my feelings about Preferred Trust. I continue to be amazed at the personal service and attention to detail that Preferred Trust has shown. They are so easy to communicate with and are always making sure that my account stays within the requirements of the law. Thank you so much!”

– John C.  |  Google  |  June 2019

“I’ve been with Preferred for over 5 years. This company takes the name “custodian” seriously. Everything from deposits, disbursements, taxes, and anything else I’ve ever needed. Very professional, courteous, personable and helpful. Just call them.”

– Terry U.  | Google  | 10.15.2019

“I have had the best of professional service from this company. As we say, they dot their i’s & cross their t’s, so that your transactions go very smooth, fast & without a hitch. I have used them for about 3 years now & will continue to use their services for years to come.“

– Robert C.  |  Facebook  |  12.12.19

“We had a difficult investment by a large number of investors through a private placement. PTC was a great provider of these services. Highly recommend for private placements of Real Estate or unique non-tradable deals.”

– Shawn G.  |  Facebook  |  12.9.2019

“We have been with Preferred Trust Company 9 years and they have not made a mistake in our account in all that time. They have always deposited our income to our account, sent out payments for our rentals we hold in our account and deposited any distributions that we have requested. They are a great company to deal with and give great service.”

– Carolyn K. |  Facebook  |  9.17.19