I invest in Trust Deeds with my IRA using Preferred Trust because I don’t have to do any work, so its great. I get good returns and don’t have to touch any real estate directly.

Grant from Nevada

Both my IRA and my wife’s IRA simply were not growing at the rates we needed in order to meet our retirement goals. Over the last year we’ve invested in trust deeds through Preferred Trust and the interest is sent to our IRAs like clockwork every single month at a 11% rate. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Doug & Mary L.

Having our money with Preferred Trust just makes sense. We can use it for purchasing Real Estate without the hassle we always got from our former custodian company. The people we have dealt with have been extremely friendly, polite and helpful. The service agents have held our hand through our learning process as new investors and they are always there for us. We consider Preferred Trust to be a very professional, honest and trustworthy company. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

Greg and Judy H. from California

Tax Deferred or Tax Free Income

Income and gains generated by traditional self-directed IRA investments are tax deferred. Therefore, a self-directed IRA claims 100% of the income generated by your investments and grows without restriction.

A Roth self-directed IRA permits tax free withdrawals of contributions, interest, and earning after the age of 59 ½. Opening an account with Preferred Trust and transferring funds to us is NOT taxable – it is a simple transfer from one custodian to another.  Go further with your retirement funds, control your returns with a self-directed IRA.

Take Control

With Preferred Trust, you’re in command of you IRA account and retirement wealth.  Choose from a wide range of alternative investments.  Your single account can hold as many assets as you see fit, no need to just try one.

Road Map of Assets

Asset Protection

Under US Bankruptcy law, self-directed IRA assets are exempt from bankruptcy in amounts up to $1,000,000.

Build For Your Beneficiaries

Certain self-directed IRAs allow the passing of assets to beneficiaries after death with little or no tax liability.

Properly designating your beneficiary can be an important part of your lifetime plan. Without this designation, your heirs may have to pay more income and estate tax than necessary after you are gone.

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