Power Your IRA with Natural Resources

Natural resources have many meanings. From water used for drinking, agriculture, and industrial processes. To forests that provide timber, paper, and habitat for wildlife. Moving to minerals such as coal, iron, and oil used in manufacturing and energy production. And finally renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydropower for electricity generation.

These are all vital aspects of our lives and investing in natural resources makes our beautiful world exist today. Have you ever considered investing in our ecosystem?

Below are a few of the investment sponsors or products that our clients invest in as diversification in natural resources.

Phoenix Capital Group was founded by a team of experienced professionals with expertise in software development, engineering, and finance. Phoenix Capital is actively expanding their proprietary architecture to ensure they continue providing market leading services to clients, both investors and land owners alike.


Eckard Enterprises, LLC  is a privately owned group of entities. It focuses on oil and gas, real estate, mineral rights, and midstream acquisitions. We’ve been in the oil and gas industry since 1985, and have made this our bread and butter of our operations. 


Listen to “Oil and Gas Investment Insights ft. Eckard Enterprises”.

Roles and Responsibilities of Oil and Gas Investments

Oil and gas investments in private funds typically provide a lower capital barrier to invest which makes it easier for investors to participate with a Self-Directed IRA. Click the image below to review the investment process for this type of investment.

Additional Information

Due Diligence

With a Self-Directed IRA, you are solely responsible for performing due diligence and research on any investment or investment sponsor. There are a few important aspects of these types of investments you should take into consideration.

Private Placements:

  • Have minimal regulatory requirements and standards – they are not required to be registered with the SEC, provide a prospectus, undergo financial audits, or disclose detailed financial information.
  • Are often comprised of ZERO collateral, which means you have the potential to lose your entire investment.
  • Are often illiquid. Unless the offering provides a means for you to liquidate your interest, you may be required to retain the investment for an indefinite period of time.

Based on the factors listed above, you can see that investors are subject to the expertise, financial integrity, and good faith of the company. You are investing in the people of the company. This means that thorough research and due diligence should never be taken lightly; especially when you choose to invest the money that is supposed to last you through your golden years.

If you have never engaged in this type of investment, you may not know what steps you should take to perform in depth research and due diligence on a company. Take a look at our blog, “Private Placements: Not the Time or Place for Careless Due Diligence“, to learn more.

Investment Resources are provided for general information. Preferred Trust does not provide tax or legal advice. We strongly recommend you seek professional advice from a legal, accounting, and/or tax professional prior to making any investment decision. Selection of the investments listed on our website and the performance of those investments are the sole responsibility of the investor and not Preferred Trust.